'Yipaos' is an illustration project rooted in Colombian folklore and coffee culture.
The first Willys Jeep, pronounced locally as “Yipao”, was introduced into Colombia in 1946 as the U.S. Army sold its surplus of military Jeeps to the Colombian Ministry of Defense. Since then, local families adopted the Jeeps as mechanical mules’and loaded them with coffee beans, plantains, religious images or even stacking entire households onto them, often towering twice the height of the jeep itself.
​​​The vehicles have become the iconic and beloved symbol of coffee farmers in the mountainous and lush coffee-growing regions in Colombia. This series of illustrations, exhibited in Zagreb and Brussels, represents a tribute to Colombian coffee culture and aims to highlight the magic realism behind the production process.

Yipaos exhibition at Botanicar, Zagreb, Croatia. 2018.

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