This printed booklet tells the story of how a line became a stain; a metaphor revealing my own personal development related to drawing.

From the line to the stain.

Once upon a time, there was a line. For reasons of destiny the line was unraveling. As this was happening the line became something new.
Without knowing it, the line was undergoing a process of transformation, in which it was subtly deconstructed . This action expanded it.
Expansion was inevitable. The line became more risky, fearless, imposing and important.
It seemed that a new dynamic and an uncontrollable universe was beginning to emerge.
The rebellious and bold line conceived from the depths of his being a stain.. Beware of the stain.
The stain grew and grew, vibrant and raucous. It could easily attract attention.
The stain and line felt complete together. Neither had an apparent shape but they harmonized wonderfully.
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