When I first set foot in Brussels, I noticed the city breathes multiculturalism; creating a distinct identity within a space that at first appears challenging to understand. Brussels is a volatile city that encourages constant questioning. Not originating from and not truly belonging to this territory, enabled me to perceive the visible and the invisible borders that crisscross the city. These observations spurred me to question the meaning of borders and the spaces in-between they generate.
Brussels Between Borders is a book that aims to visualize these borders that traverse the capital of Belgium and Europe. The diversity and the contrasts are depicted by means of audiovisual material collected in the city’s public spaces. Rather than providing definitive answers, the book seeks to generate open questions about the territory and its borders. The book is divided into four chapters, each of them addressing a different kind of border: spatial borders, cultural borders, language borders and, ultimately, paper borders. 
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